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PandaAttack Pictures

I feel sorry. I don't know why but the links aren't working. I try my best to update this so you can see them in a larger Size than the thumbs, okay?
Please forgive me.

Now, i Will Work on a New Layout, update all in the current week and hope you like it. i try to add a shoutbox, counter and more artworks even if they have nothing to do with Illuminati.

I also will upload my FIrst 'Douji' SPIRIT which was send to the last Comic Campus (Connichi contest)



visualcrimson am 23.1.07 11:10

Panda Attack Illustrations

Now i've added the 4 Panda Attack Illustration for the chapter.

They are relative new all from the last half of 2006.

About a feedback i would be happy.



Edit: i've got a first Partnersite. Please if you are a suikoden Fan VISIT it!!



visualcrimson am 17.1.07 18:35

Hello out there.

Finally you can see the Kiriban for the 222 hits.

Due to the fact i had no GT it's looking..strange ~__~

well..forget about it.

ehm... i will add some Arts of the second chapter PandaAttack! soon-
have fun and write more into the GB or would you prefer a SHOUTBOX ?

SHown: (Yori-Sketch from Komori Uta)

visualcrimson am 16.1.07 13:47


I added the Christmas Artwork to the Gallery.

That card was sent to my close friends as a message to thank them. 

Also like you see i added a conHon entry i draw into wana-chans COnHon.

It shows all members of Illuminati.

i also will upload the artworks to the third chapter panda attack cause there appear new charakters.

I am sry to keep you waiting for the kiriban. But my GT is not working cause somthing has broken the pen and i have to wait 3-4 weeks to get a new one (maybe) 

visualcrimson am 9.1.07 00:06

222Hits~ ♥

Awwww 222 Hits *___*~

ist das toll *wein*

wenn ich von Ruki wieder da bin lad ich einen Kiriban hoch als Dankeschön ^__^~


visualcrimson am 5.1.07 00:43

U P D A T E ~ ♥

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R  ! ! !

 Punctually an update ^^~.

I've added FanArts and  1 New Artwork i drawed in Tentakelmonster's  ConHon :3~

I hope you like it ^__^ 


Have a wonderful last holiday week~ i will visit Teruki this week even if she is visiting me with Tentakel since Friday xD~ *happy* 

visualcrimson am 1.1.07 20:11


Um mal den LINK einzufügen wo ihr den Manga in Skizzenform lesen könnt ^^


Ich werde die fertigen Seiten dann bald hier hochladen auch die FanArts werden bald folgen.

Ich musss nochmal mit Brot diesbezüglich reden ^^

Ebenfalls hab ich die Charakterbiografien hinzugefügt :3
Näheres über den Manga aufsgeschrieben und einige Fehler berichtig ^^


visualcrimson am 12.12.06 16:32

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